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A Well Trained dog is a welcomed member of the family!

For over 10 years, Kelly has been training dogs and their families how to live together in harmony. Her Education and Speech Therapy background lends to a successful teaching and patient communication style. Kelly believes in creating a secure learning environment for dogs and owners alike. She takes a Balanced Approach and uses Positive Reinforcement  to shape your pet's  behaviors. Kelly trained under Ron Bruce LLC and continued training  with Lauren at Dirty Dogs Training LLC. She is married and has 2 kids and has a fabulous 

GoldenDoodle named Hobbs.


Private lessons and Board and Train Options

Take a "hands-on" approach  with our personalized in-Home Private Professional lessons. A series of  4 sessions will have your 4 legged friend performing obedience commands on your verbal or hand signal cues. These hour long lessons teach you handling skills and how to be a leader for your dog. 

Short on time? Then Our Board and Train Program with Kelly's K-Nines, in Aurora, is for you!   We know you live a busy life, and it  is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. Let me train your dog for you - here, in a home setting.  On or Off leash training, your dog will be taught in a respectful structured manner.  Then in the included follow up instructional sessions we will teach you training tips, handling techniques, and all of the commands.  With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to successfully train your furry friend. 


On or Off leash, Puppies or Adults!

Whether you have a new member of the family that needs puppy kindergarten, or your four-legged friend needs some manners, we ensure that your pet will receive the best  in training by taking a Balanced and Positive approach. You will learn handling skills and how to be a leader for your dog. Your dog will build confidence, gain self-control and love our obedience training. 


~ Cancellation fees or Travel fees may Apply~


Jess F. "Sloan and Lexi"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"


"Kelly is an absolute joy! She is an amazing trainer who listens and is intuitive to the needs of our two dogs. She helped us with some very specific training  issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for any kind of training!"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"


"I can't possibly write a strong enough recommendation for Kelly!!! There is no possible way we could survive without Kelly in our lives, she is simply the absolute best! We have a pack of 3 and they all absolutely adore Kelly, yes even Kimber! :-)"

Jen R. and "Cubby"

Dave C. "Kimber", "Paisley" and "Chup"

Jen R. and "Cubby"


"We absolutely adore Kelly and all the work she has done with our goldendoodle, Cubby.  Kelly has made our lives so much easier and she has helped us gain the family dog we always wanted for our kiddos. She has trained (on and off leash), boarded and provided day care to Cubby and there is no doubt that Cubby loves every minute she is with Kelly and her doggy friends!

Steve B. "Zack"

Cindy J. "Charli"

Jen R. and "Cubby"


"Kelly was a huge help when we adopted our puppy last year.  She provided some great initial suggestions on getting him acclimated.  Then after a few months we turned him over for an intense 10 day training session...WOW what a difference. Kelly was also a great resource with follow up questions as we worked with the dog to implement at home what he had learned during training. To this day we cannot believe how good little Zack behaves.  Thanks Kelly!"

Cindy J. "Charli"

Cindy J. "Charli"

Cindy J. "Charli"


"We rescued Charli about a year ago, he had no obedience training and Kelly came to our rescue. Charlie responded to her training very easily, he showed excitement and with her pocket full of treats he was ready. Kelly was very patient with me and made it fun for the both of us. I was thrilled to see what we both accomplished. Thank you Kelly for your expertise in training!"

Kelly S. "Stella"

Cindy J. "Charli"

Cindy J. "Charli"


Kelly trained our dog when she was a puppy and as a now 3 year old dog, she is perfectly behaved. She did such a great job socializing her that there isn't a dog she doesn't like or get along with. Anytime "Stella" sees Kelly she is beside herself with joy. All around, the best trainer out there!

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*Fees are due in full before the Consult, Board and Train or Lesson. Client will be billed for any “no shows” or appointments cancelled within less than 48 hours notice. All sessions must be completed within 60 days whether Private training or follow up Board and Train lessons.  These can be done in person or virtual. Any sessions not completed in that time frame will be forfeited. No Refunds.